Thursday, December 13, 2012

Just a little paint..


I made a trip to IKEA last weekend and picked a pack of trivets.I have seen so many pretty projects on pinterest with these that I decided to try a project myself!The original inspiration is at -
 Here is what I used:

 That's all you need folks! I used the Scotch tape to make random patterns on the trivets.

Then the fun part! I picked a acrylic paints in lovely teal (my current favorite), cheery yellow and a chocolate brown for my trivets. I just picked a space in the patterns and started painting. Here they are, almost finished.

I let them dry a bit and while the paint is still slightly wet, I ripped off the scotch tape. The lines are more sharper when that is done. Let them dry completely.

I absolutely love the color combination! This would make an easy DIY personalized gift for Christmas. Don't you think so?

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Knit a cowl...

Hello there!

Here is my second adventure in knitting! This time around, I decided to make a cowl scarf. I chose a multicolored yarn for this and used the knit stitch - 26 stitches for the width and I knitted the length I needed. Here it is-

I also added a button hole and a button so that it can be used as a cowl. In order to make the button hole, bind off three stitches and then used a back ward cast on.This was the simplest method. This video describes it best.

Here is another shot. I love how it turned out

I made this for my friend and cant wait to give it to her. It would be perfect accessory to jazz up a plain blouse or a shirt!

Happy holidays to ya all!


Friday, December 7, 2012


Hello there!

I finally learnt to knit! The first thing I attempted was a stole with the basic knit stitch. There are so many helpful videos available on YouTube to help you learn. I followed this Knitting Tutorial for beginners and it was immensely helpful!
Here is my almost finished stole-

I am onto my second one, more of a cowl scarf. I shall share the details later!