Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mod podged boxes

This weekend I turned to mod podge to give a couple of old tin boxes a brand new avatar.. These tin boxes belongs to my grandmom. When I saw them lying around unused, I knew I had to rescue them!

I picked bright patterned paper from my stash and my mod podge.Isn't it amazing that this is all you need for a make over??


I then applied a layer of mode podge over the tin box and glued my paper over it, smoothing out any air bubbles. Let it dry and then apply another payer on top of the paper. Here are the boxes now!

They turned out pretty good and I can't wait to mod podge more! 


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Satin rose clips

This is something that my mom taught me as a kid. A real simple way to make stunning satin roses.

Pick about a meter of satin ribbon. Fold it into half to form a V.
Now move one end go over the fold. Repeat with the other side.

Do this about 25 times. These folds will make the petals of the rose.
After this, you will end up with a neat pile of folds. Knot the free ends of the ribbon.

Let go of the stack of fold and you will get something like this...

Just pull one of the ends of the knot to get this..

Wasn't that easy?? Now just run your needle through the the enter to hold the petals in place and cut the extra tape. Here they are after being sewed in place.

I stuck them onto some felt and glued them onto a hair clip. I think they turned out great!


Sunday, April 8, 2012

Keep calm..

Just a little something I did today.. Embroidery on handmade paper. I chose - Keep calm and write on.

I printed my pattern and transferred it to my paper using a carbon sheet.
I then pokes holes on the pattern so it would me during the embroidery. I used a tack pin to do this.
Now I just embroidered on the words.. Here is how it looks -
And I liked what I was looking at! I am now thinking of converting it into a postcard.. Just glue it on to a piece of cardboard and I have my card ready!