Saturday, March 17, 2012

Heel my sole..

Howdie there!

Yet another shoe post..I had this pair of lovely high heels that had seen the end of its time.. Or so I thought.. Until I saw all the make over using glitter and mod podge! You can see how scuffed up my shoes look here..
I got down to work.. I first taped the sides of my shoes.

I then used my trusted bottle of mod podge, my good old brush and glitter in the same maroon as my shoes. I poured the glitter into the mod podge and mixed it up real well.

I then applied a thin coat over my shoes. Let this coat dry before applying a second coat to get the areas that have not been coated with glitter.. I watched Kungfu Panda while the first coat dried.. I just love that movie.. Don't you?

Here they are with the glitter.. I like that the glitter is subtle and am glad these babies are now ready to rock!

Until next time folks, take care!



  1. Hello there Apama! I came to visit your blog, but there is something going wrong with the pictures. I just wanted to let you know!

    1. Hi Amy!

      Am so so so excited that you dropped in! I was playing around with the layout of the blog and something went kaput. It is now fine and I would love for you to have a look! Thanks!

  2. Aww cute, I can see them! How fun and glittery!