Sunday, December 8, 2013

Ruffly Apron for a little girl

Hello there!

Been such a long hiatus.. But this time I am back with some sewing! My niece turned 5 and has so much fun in her play kitchen. I decided to put my sewing machine to use and make an apron for her. It is a fairly simple project and can be tackled by  a newbie at sewing.

I eyeballed the measurement, took about 16 inches width and 24 inches length.

 I then cut the arm hole, by laying the cloth lengthwise.

With the basic cuts in places, it was now time to sew. I hemmed the top and the bottom, added a bit of satin ribbons to complete the look.

I wanted to make this piece with ruffles, so I folded my ruffles and pinned them in place separately. then I just sewed them to the ends.

I continued using the satin ribbon to add the tie ups to the back and also added some rosettes for more details.

Here is my finished piece and I think it turned out pretty well! What's better is that my niece loves it too!

Take care until next time!

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